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Short Term Rental Insurance

Commercial homeowner’s insurance for vacation rentals vs. Homeowners and Landlord Insurance policies exclude “commercial activity”, which means any property or liability claim could be denied as the result of short-term renting your property.  New regulations across the U.S. are also requiring property owners to maintain commercial general liability.  The Proper Insurance policy is a comprehensive commercial policy and was custom-penned with Lloyd’s of London to entirely replace your current coverage.

Protection Upgrade: Underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, the Proper Insurance policy offers a level of protection unmatched by any domestic insurance carrier. Short-term vacation rentals do not fit into one insurance category and thus virtually all policies have coverage gaps, limitations, and exclusions.

Proper Insurance Policy HighlightsDesigned to replace your current coverage.

  • Commercial Package Policy: coverage for building, contents, liability, and income.
  • Building & Contents: special cause of loss (all risk) with replacement cost valuation (new for old).
  • Liability: $1,000,000/$2,000,000 in commercial general liability (extends beyond premise with no deductible)
  • Income: actual loss sustained business income coverage with no time limit.
  • Additional $1,000,000 in personal liability when rental “doubles” as the primary residence.
  • Optional upgrade to $2,000,000/$3,000,000 in commercial general liability.
  • Liability coverage enhancement for animals/pets & liquor.
  • Liability coverage extended over amenities: pools, bicycles, small watercraft, golf carts, rec area, + more.
  • Property coverage enhancement for theft and damage caused by a renter.
  • Vacancy clause removed with no standard occupancy restrictions.
  • Ordinance or law enhancement up to full building limits.
  • Bed bug enhancement with business income.
  • Squatters Coverage enhancement with business income.
  • Underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, AM Best’s Rated A.
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