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Can Sprinter Vans Be Covered Under Standard Auto Policies?


Over the past couple of years, with the influence of the pandemic and more and more jobs going digital, the van life movement has grown by leaps and bounds. For many, living in your van and traveling is now an acceptable part of life. 

Sprinter vans are also a great budget-friendly way to travel in style. But, they are unique enough to fall under their own insurance category. If you're considering purchasing a sprinter van, here's what you need to understand about its auto insurance.

Understand the differences

One of the most important things to understand is the difference between an auto insurance policy and a policy that covers your camper van. The difference can impact your ability to recover from an accident.

Standard Auto Policy

A standard auto policy covers your vehicle and your vehicle only. Insuring your van with a standard policy ensures that the vehicle is covered in the event of an accident, theft, or damage, but what about the special components of a sprinter van? Unfortunately, it doesn't cover the build in your van or your personal belongings that are stored inside. This means that if you spend thousands of dollars converting your sprinter van for van life and get in a wreck, all of that is lost.

Class B RV Insurance Policy

Do you want your belongings and build to be covered if something happens? If that's the case, you'll need a Class B RV insurance policy. This might sound a little confusing because we're discussing sprinter vans. However, it's all in the definition. 

Class B RVs are small motorhomes. They get built with panel trucks or automotive vans. If you're looking for 'campervan insurance', this is the insurance that you will want. Depending on your van insurance provider, you might need to register your van as a camper van. Different insurance providers also have different requirements for your van to qualify for a Class B RV insurance policy. For example, some insurance companies require that your van be built by professionals and won't cover DIY van builds. 

What does a Class B RV insurance policy cover that my standard auto policy doesn't?

Several things may be covered under a Class B RV insurance policy, so we encourage you to check out each option deeper in the second installment of our Sprinter Van series, What Coverage Do I Need for My Sprinter Van? This piece will cover just some things typically included in a sprinter van insurance policy. 

Coverage for vehicle modifications

Auto insurance policies often class awning additions or satellite dishes as modifications to the original design and, as a result, will not cover damage to them. Van-specific policies understand that these additions are considered part of the vehicle and will cover their replacement costs should they be damaged.

Coverage for Personal belongings

If you're one of the 51 percent of van lifers who live in their vehicle full-time, you likely have your whole life inside the walls of your van. If your belongings are stolen with your van or destroyed with your van, personal property coverage will cover the personal items you keep inside your van, such as laptops and televisions. A standard auto policy will not cover these items. 

Coverage for Emergencies

A van-specific insurance policy addresses the unique concerns of sprinter-van drivers by providing coverage for food, lodging, and transportation costs in case of a crash. A standard auto policy might have emergency coverage, but it's most likely limited and won't provide you with the same resources as a van-specific insurance policy.

Get a personalized quote for your campervan

The cost of insuring your sprinter van will vary based on where you live, your driving record, the age of your campervan, the value of your campervan, type of RV insurance coverage, weight and length of your van, and your insurance company. Remember that your final bill will take into account various factors. In addition, if you purchase higher coverage amounts (which you should), your bill might exceed the average. 

Van life is growing in popularity for many reasons, and you need specific insurance that can give you the peace of mind you deserve for life on the road. Are you ready to start shopping for van insurance? Highline Risk Solutions is here to ensure you get the coverage you need for your lifestyle. Contact us today to discuss sprinter van insurance options and what you need.