Why Your Luxury Car Needs Insurance


Luxury cars are overwhelmingly expensive, which is why you must get them insured to protect your high-end investment. Imagine when it gets damaged or stolen — that will cost you a fortune in repair and replacement. The only way to avoid these problems is to know the different types of high-end car insurance that you can purchase for your expensive vehicle. 

How Much is Luxury Car Insurance?

The claims history of the high-end car you're insuring can significantly affect your auto insurance rates. If the insurance company receives frequent claims for the make and model, expect your rate to increase, albeit you have a good driving record. However, there are ways to help you save money on your high-end car insurance:

  • Avoid including high-risk drivers like teenagers in the policy as they are likely to engage in accidents, which may skyrocket your annual premium. 
  • As much as possible, only get the coverage that you need. Consider getting comprehensive coverage, especially when you don't always use your luxury car. We suggest you speak with a professional to help you make an informed decision. 
  • Shop around to determine if you can qualify for lower rates. Better yet, try to look for discounts by installing safety features or anti-lock breaks to your luxury car.

A luxury car is associated with high-end insurance premiums, but you may still be able to reduce it by installing specific luxury car features. Talk to a professional to help you choose the best policy for your exotic car.

Benefits of Luxury Car Insurance

Without car insurance, you'll have to pay for repairs and other costs associated with property damage or accidents. 

When you get comprehensive car insurance, the insurance company can cover damages to your luxury vehicle. By getting liability car insurance, it can cover property damage and medical costs even if you're at fault. 

If there is an accident, the insurance company can cover medical bills for you and the passengers, regardless of who is at fault, if you get the personal injury protection and medical payment coverage. 

Getting GAP insurance can help you get a replacement vehicle or get the cash value if you get involved in an accident. 

Should You Get Luxury Car Insurance?

Some of the most expensive annual premiums include the Maserati Sedan Turbo with over $4,000 in average annual premium, Porsche Taycan Turbo with $4,111 annual premium, and the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG 4MATIC with almost $4,000 in average annual premium. 

As you can see above - getting car insurance for your luxury vehicle can be costly, but the price is worth it. You don't have to worry about paying for repairs that may cost you a fortune or staggering medical bills. The insurance company can take care of this for you. 

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