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What Coverage Do I Need for My Sprinter Van?


If you have a sprinter van and you're considering purchasing the minimum liability insurance requirement required by your state, you may want to think again. Liability insurance covers only potential lawsuits for injuries or damage incurred in an accident; it does not cover any associated costs like medical expenses, towing fees, replacement housing accommodations, or replacement of lost or damaged items.

Imagine your sprinter van gets totaled, and you do not have comprehensive coverage. Will you be able to pay the medical bills of your passengers, towing costs, replacement housing if needed, and replace all the contents of your vehicle? Will you stay close to home, not crossing state or country borders? If you answered no to either of these questions, please read on as we discuss potential coverage options for your sprinter van. 

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What are my coverage options?

Most sprinter vans can be classified as Class B vehicles. This is the smallest class, usually consisting of campervans, travel trailers, or cargo vans without an extended cab. The cost of a policy for Class A, B, or C vehicles depends on several factors, including your driving record, vehicle age, and coverage options. Your state will require liability coverage, but beyond that, the rest of the coverage options are up to you.

Comprehensive and collision 

Comprehensive coverage can protect your Class B vehicle from virtually any damage caused to your sprinter van that is not a result of a collision. This means you're covered in the event of fire, hail, fallen trees, theft, vandalism, etc. Collision coverage protects your campervan in the case of a collision— regardless of who is at fault. 

Campsite and vacation

Typically, campsite and vacation coverage is an optional add-on to RV insurance policies. Depending on your use case, this specific coverage could be unnecessary or insufficient. Regardless, you need to consider how often your sprinter van will be parked at a campsite or vacation site to determine if this add-on is necessary. Numerous accidents can occur at a campground, and without campsite and vacation coverage, you could be responsible for covering the costs of repairing your vehicle.  If you spend more than 150 nights per year in your sprinter van, you could be considered a full-time RVer, which denies your eligibility to purchase this add-on, and you'll likely need full-timers' coverage. 

Towing and roadside assistance 

Maintenance is the best way to forestall breakdowns. However, they still occur from time to time, so if a tire pops, the battery dies, the engine gives out, or you run out of gas on the road, roadside assistance is there to help you out. 

Emergency expense

As mentioned above, maintenance is the best way to prevent sprinter van breakdowns. However, as with any vehicle that travels long distances on potentially rough terrains, breakdowns can happen when you're least expecting it. This is where emergency expense coverage can help. Whether it's hotel or transportation costs, emergency expense coverage can cover up to a certain amount of emergency accommodations in case of a vehicle breakdown and help relieve the stress that often accompanies emergencies.

Personal belongings 

In the case of an accident, robbery, or vandalism while traveling in your sprinter van, personal belongings coverage can help replace or repair lost items. This can be useful if you keep expensive items like laptops, cell phones, or televisions in your sprinter van. 

Medical payments

Medical bills for you and your passengers will be covered under this protection if you are involved in an accident. No matter who is at fault, this coverage will apply. It's essential if you lack medical insurance or are taken via ambulance to a hospital outside your coverage network.

Specialized Equipment or Permanent attachment

This coverage covers any tweak, addition, or modification to your sprinter van. Does your sprinter van have custom wheels? An awning? Solar panels? Maybe all you did was alter the suspension of your sprinter van. Regardless, you need to have this coverage in case one of your modifications gets damaged, and your standard auto policy won't cover it. We suggest covering these additions in the same way your vehicle is for the best chance of total reimbursement.

Insure your Sprinter Van with Highline Risk Solutions

When selecting coverage for your sprinter van, take care to note all the parts and pieces that go into daily operations. Also, keep in mind the plans you have for your sprinter van. What is the ideal coverage you need to ensure those plans go smoothly? And, if those plans don't, what is the coverage you need to bounce back quickly? 

In addition, you should be aware if your credit score is low or you have a history of accidents, you can expect to pay higher insurance rates for your sprinter van. Insurance companies consider such factors as indicators of increased risk of collision and claim filing.

If you need an insurance policy for your sprinter van that provides optimal coverage at a reasonable price, contact Highline Risk Solutions. We'll help you find the right carrier for your needs.


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