Choosing the Right Car Insurance for Your Custom Luxury Vehicle


When you invest in a beautiful car, you want to protect it. Selecting the right car insurance policy should be as meticulous as buying the car itself. You've put a lot of effort into getting the right car; choosing the right car insurance should be no different.

When it comes to custom high-end vehicles, they'll often have a heftier price tag than other types of cars. Due to the high price, increased theft risk, and expensive repairs, insuring your custom luxury car can become costly fast. Finding the right insurer who offers adequate coverage for your luxury car can also be a pain, especially if your luxury vehicle is maxed out with custom features. To be sure you're choosing the right car insurance, follow the steps below.

Know the details

A car insurance policy can be divided into two categories: third-party and comprehensive coverage. Third-party coverage only covers damage to a third party's property, while comprehensive coverage protects against third-party liability and damage to the insured vehicle. To ensure you're getting the best deal on luxury car insurance, it's important to understand what your policy should include. Here are a few components that your luxury car insurance policy must have:

- Coverage in case of an accident, theft, or weather damage

- Rental reimbursement if your vehicle is in the shop

- Towing and labor coverage

- Coverage of custom parts and equipment

Inform your insurer of your car's value  

While in the purchase process, be sure to find out the maximum amount that will be reimbursed for your car if it is stolen or damaged. The dealer might suggest a lower amount but they're also unaware of just how valuable your car is to you. Based on this information, you can then make an informed decision about your renewal. 

Pick the coverage that suits you & your car

As various insurance plans are available in the marketplace, you should choose your plan carefully and according to your needs. Terms such as collision coverage, liability coverage, agreed value, comprehensive coverage, and uninsured and under-insured coverage may define the types of auto insurance available. So, it is best to find an agent who can explain all these options in detail.

It helps to also avoid luxury car insurance policies with high deductibles. A luxury car insurance policy with a $500 deductible might sound good, but if you get into an accident, you'll be stuck with a hefty repair bill. Any policy with a lower deductible will be more expensive, but it's worth it in the long run.

Shop around & compare different insurance plans

Like the cars you test-drove before buying, you should also review several insurance plans before choosing one. It can be helpful to identify similar plans and compare quotes from different insurers. Not all luxury car insurance policies are created equal; some might offer better coverage than others. Read the fine print and understand what you're getting before signing on the dotted line. Protecting your luxury car doesn't have to be difficult; with a little research, you can find the perfect policy.

When you buy a luxury car, it becomes an important part of your family, so you need to have auto insurance. Ultimately, you want to find an insurer that covers your custom luxury car and provides fully tailored insurance to the vehicle as a whole. Never settle for a simple "one size fits all" policy because it won't provide adequate coverage, even if it is convenient. 

Does your car have special features that would make it hard to replace? Do you drive in an area prone to theft? Whatever the case may be, choosing a reliable insurer that understands your vehicle's needs can help ensure you're covered in case of disaster. Contact us today to get started. 


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